Wine tastings daily! 
Tours available on Saturday and Sunday.
No reservation required!





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Our wines can be purchased at the following locations:

Colonel's Pantry
1007 Jamestown Road
Morganton, NC 28655
(828) 584-2312

Coryea Corner Store
14632 NC Hwy 50N
Garner, NC 27529
(919) 773-4500

Harnett Mart
2525 Johnston County Road
Angier, NC 27501
(919) 897-7200

Juices, Ciders, and other Jarred Products are available at:

Unique Boutiques and Marketplace
21-101 Anna Drive
Clayton, NC 27520
(919) 359-8688

Wine & Pairings


Bald Eagle                                                              
Dry white muscadine wine                                                                   

Pair with:
   grilled pork, chicken, seafood, salads

Stella Mae                                                              
Semi sweet white muscadine wine                                                     

Pair with
:  pork, chicken, fish, salads, pasta w/white sauce

Mary Elizabeth                                                     

Sweet white muscadine wine                                                              

Pair with:
  desserts, enjoy as a refreshing front porch sipping wine

Betty Faye                                                                                 
Semi sweet muscadine blush wine                                                    

Pair with:
 grilled foods, smoky cheeses, fruits, Eastern NC style BBQ

Popaw's Apple (Limited Edition!)
sweet apple wine
Pair with: pork, desserts


Sly Fox                                                                                        
Dry Red Muscadine Wine                                                                    

pair with:  veal, steak, pastas, pizza, pepperjack cheese

Ruth Walton                                                                          
Semi Sweet Red Muscadine Wine                                                     
pair with:  grilled foods, smoky cheeses, steaks, veal

Lee Love                                                                                   
Sweet Red Muscadine Wine                                                              

pair with:  fruits, chocolate

Wines Range in Price From
$10-$14 Per Bottle

New Fortified Wines 

It's time, It's time to try our fine new wine.
You have just got to come and try our new collection of fortified wines.

Popaw's Apple

 This year's Popaw's Apple tastes just like one of Momaw's delicious apple pies.  The winemaker fermented Popaw's Apple a little longer this year --40 proof (20% Alcohol).  What a kick!

Buckhead Billy
Buckhead Billy is so good you'll want to keep a case in the house just for any occasion.  It's a mix between our sweet red wine and a bit of extra fermentation for a divine 18% alcohol by volume.  You'll have to taste to believe how much of a "kick" it'll be.

Lady Grits
The newest white wine, Lady Grits, is such a special treat.  As smooth as it tastes, it has an extra something to keep you guessing.  With a 18% alcohol by volume, it's a must try kind of wine.


Muscadine Juice                                                     
Scupernong Juice                                                    

All juices are 100% juice, not from concentrate.


Muscadine Cider                                                     
Scupernong Cider                                                     

To read more about Muscadine Grapes, click the link below:

Muscadine Grape Information Brochure